Hello, hello!

I wanted to blog for a long time now, but I was battling with various fears:

Content. Do I just want to post my rants and streams of consciousness?

Audience. Just my friends and family?

Confidence. Would people be interested in what I have to say?

After reading various blogs (i.e. DailyBlogTips, DailyWritingTips) and some books on writings, I have finally resolved most of these issues and produce this work-in-progress: I want to write, I want to record my travels, I want to share my thoughts.

So here it is! I may experiment with various voices and writing styles, not to mention content and site layout. However, I am essentially interested in seeing, eating, and learning. I’m in for a great ride on this roller-coaster, and I hope you’ll enjoy it too!



P.S. Thank you CSI for the awesome nickname =)


6 thoughts on “Hello, hello!

  1. If only you had this during your exchange….I would feel more connected to you XD

    Hope to read more of your posts! Keep it up! =D

  2. Love your header! 😉 Et…franchement, tu ecris tres tres bien!! J’aime lire ton blog! :DD (Mais…pourquoi tu n’as jamais ecrit quelque chose comme ca l’annee derniere??! C’est dommage! >< )

    1. Merci merci ma soeur! Je lui ai pensé, mais ça semblait trop de travail à faire. Je vais essayer d’écrire sur cette année-là ici plus tard. Attends, svp! 😀

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