About – 2011

A History Major and Arts Co-op student at the University of British Columbia, I aspire to a career that involves direct interactions with people, different languages, a team environment, and opportunities to learn about different cultures. I also like to write, research about opportunities to travel and work abroad, and visit Mother Nature through hiking and camping.

The UBC Arts Co-op Program have expanded immensely my knowledge of the possibilities in work I can do as an Arts major, and also allowed me to explore my likes and dislikes for full-time work. A ten-month study exchange in France has not only brought me face to face with the Travel Bug, leading to an almost-obsessive devotion to the round-the-world travel blog. It has also opened my eyes to possibilities abroad, expanding my available options to not only different career sectors, but also different parts of the world.

Hometown: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Study: History, University of British Columbia

On my mind: Eat, Think, Travel

Possible plans for the near future:

  • UBC Arts Co-op – Co-op placement out of Canada
  • UBC Go Global – International Service Learning – 3 to 4 months of volunteering in Africa
  • WWOOF – Cultural and culinary studies on an organic farm in Tuscany, Italy
  • Study abroad at the Hellenic International Studies in the Arts (HISA)
  • AIESEC – internships abroad
  • CIDA’s Canadian Youth International Internship Program – internships in a developing country

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