Downtown Banff


Downtown Banff
Downtown Banff

After a 16-hr ride through late-night Vancouver, sunny Kelowna, and snow-covered lakes, I’ve finally arrived into Banff! Stepping off the Greyhound (didn’t sit beside any serial killers with axes afterall), I was welcomed by Vancouver-esque grey skies and rain. Ah, how homely. It’s almost like I’d never left.

A 10-minute walk from the station brought me past narrow-roofed cottages and Safeway (1 out of 2 grocery stores) into downtown Banff, a pretty scene of mountain-cottage architecture and close-by snow-covered mountains as backdrop little diminished by the rain and fog.

Though with my backpack and luggage, I was only interested in seeing my new home for the next 4 months. After consulting Maps on my trusty iphone, onwards I went for another few blocks to meet my landlord, grab my keys, and go (to my new) home!

My Banff home
My new home for the summer

Love the whole wooden feel of the outside. Upon entering the house, I was warmly greeted by English roommates who were doing their Gap Year for the winter. Loving the inside too, with comfy couches, wooden floors, powerful showers (important!), bed bigger than the one I had at home (sorry mom). Just saw some deer lounging around in the backyard as I typed this out – I guess that’s what we get for living in a national park!

I must say, sharing a place with 5-6 others has been great so far – random dialogue, random video sharing, no lineups for stove and washrooms yet, I’ll keep y’all updated when more room mates join the crowd 😉

Looking forward to checking out my new ‘hood and the hiking trails around town for the next couple of days before I start work, which I’m also looking forward to since it includes “acts of kindness” aka baked goods from local businesses for marketing purposes and paddling in voyageur canoes down the Bow River.

Seems like FREE FOOD is a trend for my coop placements! Ciao for now.


7 thoughts on “Banff!

  1. sounds like you have found yourself in the middle of the great outdoors, and a very comfy place to stay…I hope your stay will be lots of fun fun fun!!!

    1. I thought of Chamonix too! With mountains so close that it seems like you can touch them. Many tourists here…it’s quite a big tourist spot in Canada. So when are you crossing over the ocean to visit me? 🙂

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