Chateau Lake Louise

“This will be…$2300 a night.”

WHAT?! That’s right, $2300 for a night in an amazing Fairmount suite by the Lake Louise. Spectacular view of the turquoise Lake Louise in the summer (not now, it’s still frozen!), luxurious furnishings, marble balconies, complete with spiral staircase, and valet parking service (provided by gentlemen dressed in Robin Hood style hat and green knee-high socks). For some, that’s more than a month’s worth of salary, or a year’s worth of rent. Not for us mid-folk for sure, to quote the nice sales manager who showed us what the Chateau Lake Louise has to offer. And I think that would be enough about Fairmount Lake Louise for this post, since we went through about, oh, just 7 other places hotels and lodges today, and 3 B&Bs yesterday. And there will be much more to come. 😀

As exhausting as it was, I’ve got to say it was definitely a fun and interesting experience to check out all these different accommodation options that cater to different tastes and needs (impartiality is one of the tenets of our info counselling) – from grandma’s cottages (looks, smells, feels like one) to fancy rooms with four-poster beds and mouth-watering home-cooked breakfasts, from typical motel rooms with cheap linen to rustic heritage mountain cabins of antique wood stoves and bath tubs. Some property owners are 3rd-generation Banffites, or the properties themselves date back to the 1930s and were built by one of the first settlers of the area. (i.e.  Num-ti-jah Lodge, a nice mountain lodge by the Bow Lake, was built by Jimmy Simpson, who was one of the first Europeans to gaze on the lake – whose water is supplied by the Bow Glacier, feeding into the Bow River and eventually the Hudson’s Bay)

View from Lake Louise ski area

I guess it should not come as a surprise , but I really did not expect to learn so much about the geography and history of Banff and its surroundings. It’s a lot about respecting the mountains and animals, protecting the park, and giving back to this beautiful area that we call home. Many of the individuals we’ve met seemed to have originally planned to be in the area for a couple of months, but they ended up staying season after season, year after year. (not me for sure though :)) Is it truly the beauty of the mountains? The proximity to nature, but not completely away from modern conveniences? I may have a better idea after a few more months. 😀

From 8:30-6:30, it was not just completely a hotel tour day; there was one tourist outing we got to do: the chance to enjoy a buffet lunch at the foot of the Lake Louise ski mountain and took the gondola (complete with educational video about grizzlies, since the mountain is a popular grizzly habitat) up the mountain for the (could-be) nice view on the right:

In the distance is the frozen Lake Louise, as well as fog that covered up the spectacular mountains that we probably could have seen on a nicer day or later this summer. Oh, well.

So that was the 2nd day of training at work!  Stepping, with our legs slightly shaking, off the white Ford rental sedan for the last time today, it was finally for home and not another hotel or lodge. Oh and by the way, some of these cozy mountain cabins offer cool deals for locals (me!). So friends, time for a visit! 😉


One thought on ““This will be…$2300 a night.”

  1. Sounds like you are appreciating nature a lot!!!

    Will certainly visit you sometimes! But wait til I get extended for co-op, so I can start accumulating my holidays =D

    Have fun training! Looking forward to more updates!

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