writing at the Bison

Whirlwind month!

Wow, that was a long wait! Making promises that I’m struggling to keep Definitely a whirlwind month at Banff, closing with a BANG with Canada Day celebrations and now finally a real break with sunny summer finally arriving in town.  Lots of catch up to do in terms of posts, but it’s going to happen!

writing at the Bison

Finally my day off, I was determined to go out for Sunday brunch at the Bison, which I’ve heard so much about from my colleagues. So I ventured out, despite the downpour, with my trusty notebook for a much-anticipated meal.

Got a table by the patio, getting comfortable in my high-back chair to enjoy the solitude and writing in my notebook when my French toast and brunch shaft came lightning fast –  was it ready made? Or was I so absorbed with my surroundings that I didn’t notice the time passing? Either way, the French toast was heavenly: two slices of golden brown eggy French toast with cheesy back bacon, topped with fresh strawberries, blackberries, and appleslaw, with a delicious base of blueberries and sauce. Yum…. the shaft comprises of coffee liqueur, expresso shot, and chocolate milk; I sipped at it long after the French toast was done, its flavours lingering in my mouth between sips…

French toast at the BisonStaring out the window, the sun dispelling the clouds within seconds before my very eyes to reveal the comforting presence of Sulphur Mountain, I was enveloped in all my senses by a cacophony of conversation, casual pop music, clinking of plates, rustling of utensils; the rich smell of coffee, toast, polished wooden furniture, and the aromas of other carefully prepared dishes walfting into my nose; the comfy cloth high-back chair, perfect temperature in my comfy sweater; the woody, slightly artsy interior complete with  greenery soothing my tired eyes. I reveled in all of this, like a dry, spiritual spa as the worries of assignments and commitments lingered on the back of my mind, but not imposing enough to induce panic and anxiety.

Who would I want to be sitting across from at that moment, sharing the blissful atmosphere? With whom can I share a moment of non-awkward silence, a knowing smile grazing our lips as we bask in the comfort, atmosphere, and mood? Faces and names flit through my mind like albums on my iPhone. Now, alone, I feel at ease and at peace, no impending need to search for conversation. Life is good =)


5 thoughts on “Whirlwind month!

  1. J’espere que je peux passer le meme jour comme le tien. Je suis si jalouse!! xD
    et…..tu etais dans mon reve hier soir! 😀

      1. J’aime bien le faire! mais le billet d’avion est trop cher ces jours! ><" J'ai pas assez de l'argent!
        Et tu as raison! on etait en europe! C'etait la france! encore! 😀

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