In a national park, elk lounges in your backyard

It’s amazing how often you see wildlife here without hunting for them: hiking through the woods or by the river, waking up in the morning, walking to work. I guess that’s how it is in a national park!

I hope it’s been a great Victoria Day long weekend for those in Canada. Ambling by the river, through the woods, around the lakes, and over the mountain! is what I’ve been up to for those days. (I’ve seen and heard nothing from civilization for 2 hours straight) I used to find hiking, unless there were views to look forward to, to be a bit boring, so I would almost consider this type of solo hiking for hours and to be a bit out-of-character for me. However, from the perspective of exploring Banff, it’s been interesting and rewarding. Solo hiking was pretty enjoyable, though I could be plagued by paranoia at times: what if I fall of a cliff – no one would know where to look for me! Is it getting late? what if i don’t get back home in time and got stuck in the woods when the sun’s gone? Am I on the right trail? Or am I on an elk’s trail? But as a solo hiker, minimal noise was made, so there were ample opportunities to hear the noises and smells of the woods: rustling of the leaves, squeaking of chipmunks, the sound of  your own thoughts…

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Next up! Hiking around Banff – Fenland Loop, Vermillion Lakes, Bow River Trail, Bow Falls / Hoodoos Trail, Surprise Corner, Tunnel Mountain Loop…


2 thoughts on “In a national park, elk lounges in your backyard

  1. viv, be careful when you hike by yourself. there are some black bears trying attack people here in north van…

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