Salary freeze for principals hurts staff recruitment: school trustee

B.C.’s four-year salary freeze for school principals is discouraging experienced teachers from applying for those crucial positions, says a Burnaby school trustee.

After a four-month strike last year that ended the last school year early and delayed the start of the new one, B.C. teachers now have a six-year deal that includes a 7.25 per cent salary increase.

Teacher pay increase, principal pay no change

B.C. government currently has a salary freeze on non-unionized or exempt staff, which refers to school principals, administrators, and staff on the school board.

“If being an administrator means a pay cut, taking on more headache, more responsbilities, reduction in salary, not many ppl will jump at that,” said Burnaby school trustee Larry Hayes.

All teachers in the Burnaby school systems belong to the Burnaby Teachers’ Association while all support staff belong to the Canadian Union of Public Employees.

School trustees from Vernon have petitioned the B.C. government to remove the freeze on pay for non-unionized administration employees in the last month.


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