Port Metro Vancouver board serves corporate not public interests, says Burnaby mayor

Vancouver’s port managers are making decisions for the benefit of businesses, not local residents, because their board is dominated by corporations, said Burnaby’s mayor Derek Corrigan.

Peter Xotta, vice president of planning and operations from Port Metro Vancouver, presented the Port’s land use plan at the Metro Vancouver monthly regular meeting on Feb. 27.

Putting businesses before residents

The Port’s governance structure was under the spotlight as Xotta presents the Port’s intention to expand and develop the current port by maximizing the use of industrial land first, instead of acquiring or converting further land.

Metro Vancouver city representatives had expressed worries regarding the agricultural land that surrounds the Port.

Traffic issues caused by cargo trucks

The Port had also insisted on having all goods delivered in the Burrard Inlet instead of Fraser River, said Corrigan, despite the traffic issues caused by trucks delivering goods as they travelled across the Lower Mainland from the Port to distribution centres in Surrey and Langley.

Port Metro Vancouver’s 11 directors on its board currently includes one representative for the 16 municipalities, seven from the industry, and one each appointed by the federal government, provincial government, and the Western Provinces.


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