Update 2017: To Mongolia!

Heya friends and family!

In less than two weeks, I will be flying over to Mongolia to volunteer for a year!

My job, starting this April, will be working as a communications officer for the Mongolian Wool and Cashmere Association, who partners with the Uniterra Program to improve economic diversity as well as participation from women and youth in the mining-focused country.

Three years have passed since I applied for journalism school and looking back at why I first decided to do so, it feels like my aspirations and experiences are finally converging in this opportunity to give back!

As some of you are aware, my last year and a half was happily spent in a small northern B.C. town called Vanderhoof, where I had much fun reporting on local successes or struggles and taking pictures from too many angles for a weekly community newspaper

Before that, I satisfied my curiosity in understanding people and learned how to integrate quickly into a new culture by working brief communication-related stints in Senegal, Hong Kong, and Banff, Canada. 

While I’ve always felt like I learned more than I gave, I’m excited at last to help raise awareness of the Mongolian cashmere industry on the global stage, as well as help increase opportunities for women and youth, by sharing the experiences and skills I’ve gained so far in story gathering!


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