To unicorns, castles, and swirling kilts!

Yes, that’s Scotland!

For the next year or so, I’m setting up shop in Edinburgh to explore writing, photography, and other communications-y opportunities in the region.

With my long-running interest in English literature and European castles, Aberdeen was almost my home as an exchange student when I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in History (I ended up in Lyon, France to improve my French), but here I am all the same!

Beyond rainy weather and its proximity to the ocean, Scotland houses more familiarities to¬† Western Canada than I thought I’d discover — the origin of plait aka tartan, as well as the Scottish name Fraser, to name a few!

Looking forward to climbing some munros (or mountains), cruising through the Scottish Highlands, and learning about European politics from the seat of Scotland!


The End: Highlights of knowledge exchange in Mongolia

That’s a wrap for our program in Mongolia! Here’s a photo recap of our work’s highlights in the past year, from Gender Awareness through Theatre in vocational schools to improving opportunities for the traditional cashmere and wool sector.

I’m glad to have the opportunity to capture at least some of it and share through my camera, cheers!

Video interviews: Mongolian youth realizing potential in cashmere wool

I’m happy to finally have time and opportunity to do some interviewing and video editing, with great and generous advice from a short-term volunteer donating her 20+ years of experience in TV!

Though a bit challenging due to language barrier in not only interviewing but also the production process, it’s a small taste of what doing journalism work with lesser known languages is like; valuable experience!

Read all about it here: April to September 2017

Summer is an amazing time to explore Mongolia before the -40 degree Celsius weather and the long dark hit, but work continues!

Stretching my writing muscles, I collaborated with a French volunteer (who has a great design eye) to produce a newsletter that highlights our NGO’s work for the past few months!

Take a look and see my colleagues work and the kind of events I’ve been documenting:

Mongolian Eagle hunters in the spotlight: Golden Eagle Festival 2017

Where there’s timed eagle summoning, eagle huntresses, goat carcass tug-o-war from horseback, camel racing, couple horse racing (the man tries to escape from the woman’s whip), traditional Kazakh concert, and hordes of telephoto lenses — all in Bayan Olgii, the westernmost province of Mongolia, the Land of Eternal Blue Skies.
The Golden Eagle Festival 2017 took place on Sept. 30 to Oct. 1 in Olgii, the capital of Bayan-Olgii.