Herding yak and counting sheep in Central Mongolia

First experience to the Mongolian countryside to explore nomadic life with yak herders!

Yaks look like very hairy cattle and produce warmer and more temperature-adjusting fibre than goat cashmere, though my colleague who’s tasked with researching yak fibre geographical indicators would know more!

Near the town of Tsetseleg in Central Mongolia, we shared our host’s nomadic round wool tent (called ger in Mongolian), warmed up with milk tea (wbich is more milk than tea), and dined in dried yak meat tsuivan (stir-fried flat noodles made from scratch). In return we (tried to) help him count sheep and goat babies, made sure his horses and yaks didn’t wander too far, and picked up a neighbour’s stray goat baby.

Here’s a few (out of many) snapshots!


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